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The Reimagine Your Family Podcast Launches May 15th by Trace Hobson


Why do some families have conversations with each other that really matter, while other families have trouble talking without fighting, arguing, or experiencing distance? 

Why do some families meet together and feel close, supported, and accepted unconditionally, while other families struggle to find the time, or they feel like they have to fake it for their family and end up leaving family gatherings feeling disappointed? 

After 17 years of leading high-stress, high-pressure projects all over the world. I decided to tackle the one environment that always seemed to make me cringe and revert back to being a 12-year-old kid all over again, my family! 

If you think you're enlightened, go spend two weeks with your parents! 
-Ram Dass 

We're an imperfect, still practicing family of ordinary people working through everyday problems and some of the most complex challenges a family can face. 

We are people just like you leading real lives that have developed a practice of meeting and talking together based on family systems, spirituality, and ancient wisdom. 

We create a safe space where the people in our family experience what it's like to be supported and accepted unconditionally. 

It's a space where people can be who they are, say what they need to say, and feel supported to live their best life. 

Imagine what it would be like for you to be able to really talk to your family about absolutely anything.
Imagine what it would be like to have unconditional acceptance and support that helps you to get through any problem and live your best life. 

Just a few years ago, none of the people in my family could have imagined this because, at that time, it was completely impossible for us. We were distant, distracted, and definitely dysfunctional! 

All of that changed for us when I discovered how to change our whole family system by working with the human energy technology we're all born with. We were finally able to create conversations and meetings that went from being stressful, disappointing, and filled with regret, to being filled with compassion, hope, and joy. We have genuinely reimagined our family, and now, so can you. 

This podcast intends to share our conversations and how we've been able to develop a safe space like this so that you can have the same thing happen in your family as well. 

We intend to support you to experience real and lasting changes within your family system to have the kind of healing and freedom you and your family deserve. 

We believe that this is the essential work that human beings will do while they're on the planet. When we do this systemic work, we create a ripple effect that is felt universally and eternally. 

This is our legacy of love. 

Welcome to The Reimagine Your Family Podcast! 

Launch Date: May 15th, 2021, in honour of the International Day of Families 

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Trace Hobson is one of the Religion, Interfaith, Spirituality for the Earth (RISE) Sector leads. To learn more about Trace visit his website:  

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